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Carra**Gauze 4Hy-N-S

Carra**Gauze 4" X 4"


Carra**Gauze 4" X 4" Item No.M-CR101015 Supplier:Carrington Subcategory:Hy-N-S

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CarraGauze Dressing are wound pads saturated with Carrasyn Hydrogel. Ideal for the management of stasis ulcers, pressure ulcers, burns and post-op wounds.CarraGauze is saturated with Carrasyn® hydrogel formula. These 4-ply gauze pads are excellent for packing or lining wounds. 4 x 4 Pad. Latex Free.

Manufacturer Carrington
Latex Free Latex-Free
Ply 4 Ply
Size 4 x 4 Inch
Sterility Sterile
Woven / Non-Woven Non-Woven
Material Poly Blend

Carra**Gauze 4
Carra**Gauze 4" X 4