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Abdominal Binder 4 Panel 12" Wide

Abdominal Binder 4 Panel 12Abdominal BinderAmericanPharmaWholesale.com

Abdominal Binder 4 Panel 12" Wide


Abdominal Binder 4 Panel 12" Wide Item No.M-DL818 Supplier:Dale Subcategory:4 Panel 12"

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Dale­® Abdominal Binders with EasyGrip&0153; Strip are the only binders that have been clinically shown to expedite the return of pulmonary function after open abdominal surgery while encouraging patients to ambulate sooner. Dale­® Binders are available in sizes up to 94" long and in widths up to 15" to accommodate even your largest patient's pendulous abdomen.

The Dale­® Binder is made entirely of an exclusive stretch material that provides full, all-around compression and perfect sizing. The newest model Dale­® Abdominal Binder now features the new EasyGrip T Strip which can hold up to four 100cc drainage bulbs in place.

This new feature allows for easier monitoring of drainage bulb contents and drainage bulbs to be emptied or removed quickly without the hassle of removing pins or tape. It also allows for easier ambulation when drainage bulbs are in place. Unlike other binders, which can restrict movement, Dale® Binders actually promote mobility and lessen the chance of sedentary complications. The two panel Abdominal Binders can also be used as rib belts.

Abdominal Binder 4 Panel 12
Abdominal Binder 4 Panel 12" Wide

Abdominal Binder
Abdominal Binder