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Conditions: Please note, since all these items are expiring soon, we have discounted heavily-some up to 90% or more then the regular and AWP prices.  Some items are will be below our cost.  This will help Pharmaceutical Industry not destroying this important and life saving medications.  Very limited quantities available and is subject to prior sale. Please only buy what your patient can use by the expiration date. All sales are final.  Mfg. will not issue any credit for expired items.
Rx or Pseudoephedrine items can only be ordered by a Drug Mfg, Wholesaler, Hospital, Governmental Medical Facility, VA,Pharmacy, Physician, Physician Assistant, NursePractitioner,Dentist,Podiatrist,Optometrist,Veterinarian, Naturopath, Licensed Lab, Physical Therapist & Pharmacist(scope). If you are a patient, please do not order any prescription drug,(You can order OTC,Medical Supplies  and other items.) instead request your physician to order for you at his/her office. Thank You.

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