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Rx Item-Pioglitazone 30mg Tab 30 By MACLEODS PHARMA

Rx Item-Pioglitazone 30mg Tab 30 By MACLEODS PHARMA


Item No.: RX501353 NDC No. 33342-0055-07 33342005507 33342-055-07 3334205507 UPC No.: 3-33342-05507-1 333342-055071 3-33342055071 MPN No. 2110 Only Lic.-Physician, Pharmacy, Dentist, Drug Mfg, Dist., Gov, Hospital, Lic.Lab, Naturalist, Naturopath, NP, Optometrist, Pharmacist, PA, Physical Therapist, Podiatrist, Research Co., Uni., VA, Vet & Wholesalers In Scope Of their Practice Can Order Rx Item. Rx Item No. Rx262547 Pioglitazone 30mg Tab 30 By Accord Healthcare Item No. 3262547 NDC No. 16

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Clinical Information
Gen. Code and Des.
42944 pioglitazone HCl ORAL TABLET 30 MG
30 mg
Dose Form
Product Category
RX Pharmaceuticals
Fine Line Class
850085008510 All Rx Products
DEA Class
OMP Family

AHFS Class
Active Ingredients
7824 pioglitazone HCl 112529154
Inactive Ingredients
2432 lactose 64044515