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Picc/Cvc Securement TegadermUr-Strap-Cath

Picc/Cvc Securement Tegaderm


Picc/Cvc Securement Tegaderm Item No.M-3M1837-2100 Supplier:3M Subcategory:Picc
UPC: 50707387769524
Item Description: Securement Device, 2" x 2 1/8", IV Advanced Dressing, 3.5" x 4.5", 20/bx, 4 bx/cs (US Only)
Mfr. Item Code: 1837-2100
Supplier Item Code: MMM 1837-2100
Unit of Measure: CS

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Sutureless securement balances reliable adhesion with gentleness to skin
Removes cleanly, without causing patients undue pain or distress
Accommodates the majority of PICC and CVC catheters up to and including 12 French
Designed to be worn for up to 7 days
Silicone adhesive holds securely, yet removes gently
Eliminates the risks and costs of suture-related needlestick injuries
Easy application securement base with no mechanical doors or wings
A waterproof film coating provides a barrier to external contaminants including liquids, bacteria and viruses*
PICC / CVC Securement Device + Advanced Securement Dressing

Secure I.V.s quickly and effectively – without sutures. Designed to enhance patient comfort and mobility, the 3M™ PICC / CVC Securement Device + Tegaderm™ I.V. Advanced Dressing is an easy to apply / easy to remove securement system that can be worn for

Suggested Applications
To secure Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters (PICC's) and short term Central Venous Catheters (CVC's)

Picc/Cvc Securement Tegaderm
Picc/Cvc Securement Tegaderm

Ur-Strap-Cath   N
Ur-Strap-Cath N