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Carradres Clear Hydrogel 4" X 4"

Carradres Clear Hydrogel 4Hy-N-S

Carradres Clear Hydrogel 4" X 4"


Carradres Clear Hydrogel 4" X 4" Item No.M-CR101053 Supplier:Carrington Subcategory:Hy-N-S

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CarraDres Clear Hydrogel Sheets are designed to be comfortable while creating an optimal environment for wound healing. The combination of water and polyethylene oxide helps create a moist wound environment. This moist environment promotes effective healing. Also, these hydrogel sheets cool the area they are applied to. This can increase your comfort immediately. In addition, CarraDres Sheets are highly absorbent. They can absorb up to three times their weight in fluid. Another great feature is that these sheets are clear. This allows for easy wound monitoring without removing the dressing.

CarraDres Clear Hydrogel Sheets Features and Benefits

Clear Color for Easy Wound Monitoring
Absorbs up to 3 Times Its Weight
Cools the Affected Area on Contact
Creates Moist Wound Environment for Optimal Healing

Product Number: CRR101053
Color: Clear
Material: Water, Polyethylene Oxide
Length: 4 Inch
Width: 4 Inch
Primary or Secondary: Primary
Manufacturer: MedLine

Carradres Clear Hydrogel 4
Carradres Clear Hydrogel 4" X 4"