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A-Line Bendable Arm Board For Peri-

A-Line Bendable Arm Board For PeriA-Line

A-Line Bendable Arm Board For Peri-


A-Line Bendable Arm Board For Peri- Item No.M-DL650 Supplier:Dale Subcategory:Arm Board

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The Dale Bendable ArmBoard comfortably shapes to the patient's wrist and hand to maintain a hyperextended position during IV catheterization. The bendable inner core creates a custom bend for each patient in order to achieve access to the radial artery. The ArmBoard is covered in extra soft, latex-free material for added patient comfort with side hook and loop closures to wrap over hand and wrist to secure it while limiting movement. The hook and loop straps eliminate the need for tape and scissors. Application is easy and allows medical clinicians to continually access catheter site for trouble-free monitoring.

The Bendable ArmBoard is available in sizes X-Small, Small, Medium and Large to accommodate to patient. The X-Small is used to bend around an infant's wrist or heel. Dale Medical also manufactures Hold-n-Place Securement Device for general purpose applications to the patient's skin when securing an IV catheter, Foley catheter or medical tubing.

Features and Benefits

Bendable for Custom Shape
Comfortable Padding
Maintains Hyperextended Position
All-in-One System w/ Hook and Loop Closures
Four Sizes to Accommodate Patient
Easy Monitoring of Catheter Site
Limits Wrist Movement

A-Line Bendable Arm Board For Peri
A-Line Bendable Arm Board For Peri

A-Line Bendable
A-Line Bendable